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We know having to have your transmission worked on seems like a big job and that's why at SAMS GARAGE & TOWING we are here to help! Our team is made up of transmission experts that can get your issues solved. No matter if your vehicle is a truck, car, SUV, a late import, or a brand new domestic vehicle, we can get it back on the road. Not only do we pride ourselves with our team of experts, but we also guarantee the work we perform. You can rest assured knowing you'll receive the highest quality transmission overhaul and replacement services in the HAWTHORNE, FL area.

Transmission Flush

Many manufacturers suggest that a vehicle should have a transmission flush every 30,000 miles or every two years. However, if you recognize any of the common warning signs it may indicate that you need a transmission flush sooner. Some of the most common warning signs you will notice in your transmission are as follows: grinding or strange noises, problems shifting gears, slipping gears, surging of the car, and delay in vehicle movement. When we flush the used fluid from the transmission it washes away particles of dirt, clutch material, and metal shavings. For all your transmission flush needs, call or visit SAMS GARAGE & TOWING today.

Transmission Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is critical to the lifespan of the vehicle. Like all automotive parts, your vehicle's transmissions aren't built to last forever. You can however increase what lifespan your transmission has by making sure it is properly maintained regularly. The best way to maintain peak performance and fuel economy is to provide regular transmission maintenance for your vehicle. To give your transmission more life get it maintained by our experts, at SAMS GARAGE & TOWING.

Transmission Repair, Rebuild, Replacement

When it comes to repairing an automatic transmission, you have three options on how you want to handle the situation: you can buy a new transmission, buy a remanufactured one, or have yours rebuilt. All options have their own advantages and disadvantages and your option may have different factors than someone else with transmission issues. In automotive vehicles, when someone mentions transmission they are usually referring to the gearbox, which uses gears and gear trains to transmit speed and torque from a rotating power source to another device. The options listed above, really depend on how much damage there has been to your transmission, what type of budget you want to stay within, how long you want it to last. A repair will consist of services that fix the parts you currently have. A rebuilt transmission entails that we would remove the transmission from the vehicle, disassembling it, replace the old worn-out parts, reassembling it, and then reinstalling it back into your vehicle. Replacement is putting in a whole new transmission and maybe a little costly. If you are looking to repair, rebuild, or replace your transmission talk to one of our experts today to find the best option for you!

Transmission Services

• Transmission repair
• Transmission rebuilding
• Transmission replacement
• Transmission leaks
• Clutch repair
• Transmission exchange
• Transmission fluid change
• Transmission flushing
• Cooler or radiator issues
• Resealing
• Filter changes
• Diagnostics
• Reprogramming
• Regular transmission service

Transmission Warning Signs

1. Leaking Fluid – If you notice a red puddle fluid underneath your car with a sweet smell, please let us know as soon as possible, we will check your transmission fluid levels.
2. Burning Smell – If you notice any smell of burning coming from your vehicle, stop by our shop immediately. This is a huge indication that your transmission is overheating or that the transmission fluid is old and burning.
3. Refusal to Switch Gears – If your vehicle is struggling to switch gears, this may suggest an issue with transmission fluid either low or not the right kind.
4. Neutral Noises – Does your vehicle make a sound that you’ve never heard before when your vehicle is idling in neutral? Abnormal sounds could mean that your car is ready for new transmission oil or that your parts need to be replaced due to mechanical wear.
5. Slipping Gears – If your vehicle is slipping gears make sure to have us look at your vehicle immediately. This can make driving extremely dangerous.
6. Dragging Clutch – If you have been attempting to shift gears and can’t because your clutch is still engaged and hear grinding noises this could imply a transmission issue.
7. Check Engine Light – These lights on your vehicle can signify multiple issues if your check engine light is on stop by and we will run a diagnostic on your vehicle.
8. Grinding / Shaking – Often if you feel your vehicle shaking or grinding when changing gear in an automatic vehicle this would be another indication of a transmission issue.
9. Humming – If you should hear any of these three sounds, please stop by our shop. Humming, whining, or clunking, your vehicle should not make these sounds!
10. Unresponsive – If your vehicle does not respond to changes in your gear – such as park to drive, stop by and see us. This issue is most likely your transmission!

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