A Little Bit About Us...

I'm not practicing how to talk in the third person... by "us" I want you to know about me.

(More coming soon... we promise)

A Little Bit About You...

Below are pictures of some of the cars I have been fortunate enough to be trusted to care for. If you would like to show off your Mini, send me pictures that you would like to have showcased here. Feel free to be in the picture, or not... your choice! 

Of course, by popular request, customer quotes are welcomed as well.

Cont​act Us

This is my home, so please be certain you schedule an appoint​ment before you visit.

Otherwise, please feel free to call, text or email me at any time!

Be sure to include information about yourself and your Mini.

Sam's Garage

(920) FIX-MINI


[email protected]

Located in Oregon... south of Portland, and north of Oregon City.

Thank you for visiting.

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